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Training whilst furloughed
Training for furloughed staff – here are a few to consider:
  • Future Learn has many free courses – I think you can do one free course and then you have to pay. There are thousands to choose from Understanding Climate Change to business management to Norwegian for beginners. You can do one course for free possibly more not clear [/url]https://www.futurelearn.com/
  • Lots of companies are suggesting staff do training around health and well being so things like  https://www.headspace.com/ who are offering free trials and there is another site offering training in photography for wellbeing workshops: www.lookagain.org/reframeyournow 
  • [url=https://www.vision2learn.net/courses]https://www.vision2learn.net/courses click on the top bar for free courses everything from project management, essential IT skills to others 
  • https://www.furlonteer.com/ connecting people on furlough with volunteer opportunities. Your staff can sign up and your organisations can as well asking for help. 

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