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Supporting employees who are working from home
Hi Simon, thanks for the post and links on the MHFA website, lots of useful stuff there.

As a company we've all been working from home for over seven years now, we embraced the remote working culture and totally understand the period of adjustment it brings and also huge benefits it can bring alongside the pitfalls it can also create.

Just on the video, it certainly gives some very sage words and great advice, but there are one or two things which we at Fuse think are important and we always brief our staff to do / be aware of if they've not worked remotely before.

1. Be mindful of your personal communication and work style and well as those you work with, these will be amplified ten-fold while working remotely. Often a little more patience is needed in commucation between your team and with clients.

2. Working from home creates a differernt work-flow dynamic across your organisation which is also worth being mindful of and if ignored or overlooked can create stress / aniexty. This may effect some more than others, but working from home means some tasks will take longer or become more time consuming due to the lack of in-person or 'water cooler' conversations. However others may become quicker or more efficient. The key is to embrace change or be in a place where this is comfortable to do. (lots of tips in the video will help with this)

3. Never forget your team is still there and you are a team. Just because you're not in the same room doesn't mean you're not all working toward the same goal.

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