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Motivating your team during lockdown
Hi Ann,
It's a tough time for so many of our employees and self-employed staff, and are recognising that people are at many different stages emotionally, according to how they personally have been impacted by Covid so far.  We were already used to having team meetings via Zoom once a month, so to try and meet the needs of where different people are at any given week, each week we are putting together a weekly calendar with a small number of different support options for staff - online group peer to peer support sessions, options for one to one support sessions with a trained supervisor, plus different training / CPD sessions where staff can learn about different areas of the organisation / develop new skills or learn from others. We're also having after work 'drinks' and quiz evening every couple of weeks, plus making sure we make time to celebrate all and any good news or positive stories via Slack, including people's birthdays.  We also have a Catharsis slack channel where people can post anything like memes, videos, funny news stories or anything at all really!  The fact that you're thinking about how best to support staff is wonderful though, I think staff knowing that they are being thought about goes a long way. Myself and my co-director also try and do a weekly video message with updates, news, challenges and ideas for the future.
Rosie Axon

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Rosie Axon
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Chiltern Music Therapy

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