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ASPIRE project, Bangor, North Wales
Hi everyone! - I have just joined the group. 

I am trying to set up a Creative Community Arts Centre in North Wales, where people can explore and develop new skills to better the quality of their lives and leading towards employment or self employment. This is possible through funds available from a legacy from my parents estate - they were both artists. As well as funds I also have a considerable amount of basic machinery and equipment for a wide range of arts and crafts.  The plan was to buy St Mary;'s Church in Bangor which was for sale within budget, but the Church in Wales decided to sell to another group. I am therefore sitting on the money whilst searching for any alternative building - ideally a large church, chapel (with D1 planning category) or other listed building that requires some care and conservation and a new life serving community needs. 

I would love to hear from anyone inspired by this project, who might be interested in being involved in any way.
John Nicholson - ASPIRE - biopoweruk@hotmail.com

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