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How can you use digital tools to help social enterprise achieve their social mission?
i.e tackle poverty, loneliness etc.?
Hello Isabella

That's a wide ranging question! One way I'd say digital tools can assist with the practice of setting and tracking metrics.

A good example of this is Age UK's 'Call in Time' service (https://www.ageuk.org.uk/services/befrie...friending/) - we know that time spent speaking with others people's reduces the sense of isolation - our system tracks and records how many minutes are spent in conversation. We can then survey the beneficiaries to undertand if there has been a reduction in their sense of isolation and over time track the impact the calls are making. That data can then be tied into exsting research about the health benefits of isolation and (hopefully) make a complelling case for developing it further.

We work with a lot of charties / social enterprises and offer an impact mapping workshop at the start of the project. This helps us turn the intended outcome into actual goals and targets to work towards - sometime this is more difficult that in the example above (because of broader ranging goals and less availability of data) - but there is normally something that can be tracked and measured.

We've developed a tool oursleves to help track the impact of Corporate Social Resposibility activity (https://impactreporting.co.uk/) and are looking to create version of this for smaller or more socially motived business - if anyone would be interested in signiing up for a beta to help us develop this then please send me a message
Offer to social enterprises:

Brandon Robertson is a PhD student and associate lecturer at the University of the West of England

"Using my expertise in user centred design and design management for business and engineering; I would like to offer my assistance on a voluntary basis with the development of products or services that can design the right thing for your end users, efficiently and within timeframe. Some previous examples of my work range from the design and development of fundraising activities to the development of new products for people with disabilities to the large scale management of design processes as a part of my PhD studies. Please get in touch if you think that I might be of any assistance."

If you're interested, contact him here: brandonrobertson96@gmail.com

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