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Is it worth it to build a mobile app for your business?
I've seen lots of opposing views. What's your view Ben?
Hello! The answer to this is of course it depends on the app and on the business, but ...

I think way to approach this question is asking what more you'd get from an app than a well designed, responsive website. A modern website can be designed to work as almost as well on mobile screens as an app, will be a much smaller investement and work across a wide number of devices. For many business models there are also very decent templated websites that meet most of your users needs.

App development is much more costly; it does offer a better user experince but you really justify this. If you really need to use a devices hardware (for example mobile games, or situations where you need to stroe data locally for privacy or connection reasons) or your users are interacting with your site or app very frequently then it's worth considering. If not it's really a nice to have.

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