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Zoom is the best platform
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From my experience Zoom works best. It seems to have an intuitive way of allowing people to come in and out on a large group call.
Like using Zoom, has most features needed.
Best regards
Karen  Smile
Zoom is ok, but from a security point of view it's not the best. We have a few Cycber Security clients and they will not use it. Ring Central is a similar alternative but it's not free. Microsoft Teams also has a similar function to Zoom for hosing video meetings and if you have Microsoft Liscence then you automatically get all the Teams functions.

I think overall it's just about finding something that works for you Smile
I've been using the pay for version of Zoom and I think it works well. The password feature on the Zoom Pro account suggests there's some degree of security and means there's no 40 minute limit on calls.
(05-05-2020, 10:19 AM)MikeyRothwell Wrote: From my experience Zoom works best. It seems to have an intuitive way of allowing people to come in and out on a large group call.

I completely agree Mikey!  Big Grin

We also have a varied range of people with very difficult skills who we want to bring together.  It seems after initial setup, to be the simplest online system for everyone to understand.  It is also so nice to see people's faces when they do manage to connect too!

[Image: RainbowBiz_Email_Footer.jpeg]
We use the system provided by 8x8 - there's a free or paid version. You can password protect meetings on the free version and it has a similar Google calendar integration to Zoom, so you can create the video meeting straight from the calendar without having to log in to the portal itself. Works brilliantly, controls are intuitive.

Link is here: https://app.8x8.vc/
Hey. We've tried out a number of platforms for the people we support (often digitally excluded) as well as the business community. The resolution on paid Zoom is much better, as is the security, general functionality and time available. We create slides in Canva, share the screen and then Zoomees can annotate them during training. It makes it much more interactive and they can be saved and sent afterwards. Great fun learning and playing!

Take care
Zoom can be chaotic for large public sessions, and a bit nerdy to use for non-digital families.

We've used StreamYard (http://streamyard.com/) to run live-streamed discussions. These can be live-streamed on to Facebook, Youtube and websites. People watching can comment/ask questions, which can also be incorporated into the live-stream broadcast. The live-stream immediately become a video on the same platform after the session has ended. Picture/audio quality is much better than Zoom and gives a much more controllable and professional event.
If not quarantine and virus I would never heard about Zoom to be honest. The only plus of it is that you can connect many people at the same time. I've been using it a lot while staying in my property in Germany here and have no complaints. But I heard that it's not very confidencial with information, is it true?
Not a fan of ZOOM. Too many security flaws and their customer service support is atrocious. We had to cancel a planned webinar in April because ZOOMs servers went down!

We are using Webinar Jam. Absolutely fantastic. No set up or download required for the user/attendees. Works seamlessly. It works for us.
However, there is no free version available and you pay the year upfront but they offer free/$1 trials.

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