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What tools kill your focus? - ShehanP - 08-07-2020

What digital tools should you avoid and which kill your focus? Is there a better way of maintaining communications with colleagues without feeling zoomed out?

RE: What tools kill your focus? - benwhite - 08-07-2020

Pop ups are a pet hate of mine - most apps have settings that allow them to be disabled (or only pop up in high priority type situations).

I've had a personal struggle with open tabs for in the past - I came to realise that in most cases each open tab represented a decision I was postponing or an article I'd never get round to reading.... so now I ask myself 'how will I close this tab' at the end of every day

Being zoomed out is something I'm increasingly familiar with. When our work was balanced more towards a mix of phyisical and online we always encouraged peoepl to keep webcams on; now I think it's good to take a few calls off camera. I've also invested in wireless headphones with a good mic to allow me to be more active during calls